The best touch frame for
displays from 40″ to 98″



The best touch frame for
displays from 40″ to 98″


Baanto ShadowSense based touchscreens deliver innovative, high performance multi-touch capabilities for large format displays. This is the perfect multi-touch solution for digital out-of-home (DOOH), interactive signage and other large format interactive applications. In addition, over-sized frames are available for business and learning environments that require full Windows® 10 compatibility for edge swipes (Charms) and native support for pen computing applications.

ShadowSense requires no drivers or touch detection applications running on the host CPU making this technology an outstanding solution for cost sensitive applications using low power CPU’s and media players.

Targeted at large format applications in DOOH and interactive signage, as well as conferencing and collaboration applications, the worldwide agency approvals and certifications simplify your integration and product approval efforts.


True 10 point multi-touch performance

High Performance

  • Sub-10 ms response time
  • Sub-2 millimeter touch point accuracy
  • 4K (4096×2160) touch resolution
  • No ghosting or dead zones
  • Outstanding ambient light rejection up to full sunlight (10,000 footcandles)

Rigid Frame Design

  • Simplified integration
  • Calibration free
  • Mechanically and thermally stable

Note: Large Format Frames do not include a glass covering. Protective glass is added during the integration process. Please refer to our partners for further information regarding properties of the glass.

Over-sized options for edge swipes (Windows Charms)

Driverless Interface

  • Windows® 7,8, and 10 compliant packet formats
  • No drivers or CPU based algorithms

Fully Featured

  • Real-time touch area data provided for all touch points
  • Senses solid objects 4 millimeters or greater in diameter
  • Static object detection and rejection
      • Continues to function with debris on the screen
  • Configurable hover distance for touch detection
  • Configurable spurious touch and palm rejection
  • Configurable pen and eraser recognition



Operating: -10°C to +70° (If your requirements exceed these limits consult your Baanto sales representative for information on commercial and industrial operating temperatures)
Non-Operating: <-20°C to >80°C


Operating: 5% to 90% RH non-condensing
Non-Operating: 5% to 90% RH non-condensing


Operating: Sea level to 10,000 feet
Non-Operating: Sea level to 30,000 feet


See Product Briefs for the mechanical dimensions of each frame size available


Windows 10/8/7/XP (including embedded versions)
Mac OS X
Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora)

Product Documents

Find all product specifications, dimensions, and features for ShadowSense Pro in the files below.

Precision Pen & Eraser

Baanto’s latest product working seamlessly with ShadowSense provides optimal writing performance. Perfect for all writing needs in whiteboard and interactive applications.

Multi-Touch Digital Signage Solutions

Frames designed to be used optimally with interactive signage solutions that require minimum bezel widths.

Multi-Touch Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions

Over-sized frames designed to be used optimally for conferencing and collaboration solutions using Windows that require out of bezel swipes for Charms.

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