Why SST Brackets?

ShadowSense Modular frames are unique in their ability to be easily assembled and adjusted. A large part of this is a result of the brackets that attach them to the displays. These SST Brackets are the best solution for SST Modular, whether they are being attached to the sides of a display, or flat on a wall.

The L Bracket

For flat surfaces

The ShadowSense L Bracket is specifically designed to be attached to a flat surface. This L Bracket allows for easy installation, replacement, or removal, of the ShadowSense Modular frame.

To be used when:

  • Installing on flat wall as part of Interactive Projection Wall
  • Retrofitting a Video Wall to be interactive, the L Bracket is attached directly to glass protection layer

The Z Bracket

To be mounted on display

The ShadowSense Modular Z Bracket is attached to the perimeter of the Video Wall display array, onto which the SST Modular frame easily sits.

To be used when:

  • Mounting frame directly onto LCD Display
How to purchase

The L Bracket can be purchased as part of your ShadowSense Modular kit.
The Z Bracket design varies depending on the model of display they are mounted to. As a result, each integrator will provide the design of Z Bracket required for the that model of display.

Interested in the ShadowSense Modular Brackets?