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Do ShadowSense touch frames need a separate power supply?

All frames need a 12V supply provided internally from the monitor or a separate 12V power supply (not provided by Baanto). We recommend a 12V, 1A external power supply. The specification can be obtained by contacting our technical support team.

How can I integrate the screen onto a display?

The midsized products are designed to fit an open chassis monitor and as such have no real integration requirements apart from the mechanical fit and somewhere to position and power the separate controller. The large format frames are supplied by Baanto as a kit of 4 sides which are screwed together like a picture frame. This then needs to be mounted onto glass and integrated into some form of mechanical housing in front of the monitor display. This tends to be a specialist procedure. For more information on the procedure or for a list of approved integrators, please contact us
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How often do I need to re-calibrate?

Because the ShadowSense technology does not contain any drift mechanisms, once integrated onto a monitor and set up by the integrators, it never needs to be re-calibrated. The Dashboard program contains functions to mechanically set up the calibration of the frame to the monitor it is fitted to which never changes.

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Will the mouse still work with the touchscreen connected?

Yes. This is supported by the operating systems themselves.

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How many touch points do you support?

The midsized products support up to 5 touch points, and the large format frames support up to 6 touch points.

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What is the warranty on Baanto’s products?

Please refer to our warranty policyfor details.

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What happens if the screen is scratched?

The glass screen is not part of the touch operation and is fitted purely to protect the monitor display. A scratch on the screen will not affect the performance of the touch technology. As such, any scratch is just cosmetic and you would need to contact your integrator for the procedure they have for the replacement of the glass.

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How strong is the glass?

The glass fitted to the midsized products is 3 mm thick, clear toughened glass. For the large format range, Baanto only provides the frame with no glass. The integrator that supplied the product to you will be able to tell you more about the specification of glass finishes, thicknesses and strengths of the glass they used. You would need to contact them directly. For more information or for a list of approved integrators, see our list of partners.
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What can I use to clean the screen (chemicals)?

Any propriety glass cleaning product is fine to use as long as you follow the advice on ‘How do I clean the screen?’

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How do I clean the screen?

The glass portion of the touch screen is purely provided for the protection of the display used and is not part of the touch technology. As such it has no proprietary coatings or properties which can be affected by cleaning chemicals. We recommend that the cleaning product you use is sprayed onto a soft damp cleaning cloth and applied to the glass (and not sprayed directly onto the glass and wiped off). This gives a better cleaning experience.
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Is dirt on the screen a problem?


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What sizes of screen do you have?

Baanto has three ranges of size: midsized, large format and the Christie® Interactivity Kit. The midsized frames range from 15” to 22’’, the large format frames range from 32” to 98” and the Christie Interactivity Kit can scale up to 267”. Additional sizes are constantly being added to the line-up so please contact us for any additional size requirements.

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Does Baanto make custom sizes?

Yes. Please contact our sales team for information regarding custom frame sizes.

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What operating systems do you support?

Currently we natively support the following operating systems: Windows XP/XPe, Windows Vista, Windows 7/7 Embedded, Windows 8/8 Embedded, Linux, Mac OS and Android. (Android requires the HID – Multi-touch libraries to be built into the Kernel for Multi-touch capabilities.)

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What is Dashboard?

While ShadowSense does not need any external software to operate, it does have many powerful features and parameters that can be adjusted to help improve the operation of the touch screen in a number of different and arduous environments. Parameter adjustments are made using a program called Dashboard. As well as providing customers with the ability to easily modify the operational behavior of the touchscreen, it also contains sections for diagnostic testing and upgrading of the controller’s firmware. Changes made and saved via Dashboard are stored in the touch frame controller so the Dashboard program itself does not needed to be installed on the host PC. Dashboard only exists as a Windows application at this time. If you have a requirement for Dashboard, please contact your ShadowSense supplier or integrator for more information.

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Do I need special software loaded on my computer?

No. ShadowSense has no need for external software to be loaded.

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Where do I get drivers?

ShadowSense does not need external drivers loaded onto your computer to allow it to work. It uses the drivers already installed in your computer’s operating system. Just plugging the USB into the computer is all that is needed to allow ShadowSense to work.

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