Touch Screens in the Corporate and IT Industries

Touch screen technology has become an integral part of many different business functions in the past few years and is continuing this growth at a rapid pace. With their versatility, portability and decreasing price point, touch screen interfaces are an increasing presence in the corporate and IT fields.

Touch screen advantages

Touch screens have many applications within the corporate environment, spanning the entire organisation. From the lobby and reception areas, to the conference rooms and even to the individual desks of employees, touch screens can be used to improve the productivity of any company.

Reception and Lobby Areas

These areas are where first impressions are frequently formulated. Touch screen solutions allow an organization to improve client and customer experiences, in any business environment.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms pose an opportunity to leverage touch technology, turning corporate presentations into interactive experiences. The software combined with streaming audio and video displayed on conference room touch screens creates collaborative working environments that are smart, functional, and intuitive.

Key Benefits

ShadowSense technology offers some of the best solutions available for applications in the corporate and IT worlds.

  • Driverless Interface | Requires no drivers or touch detection applications and compatible with currently supported operating systems
  • Multiple Touch Points | Supports multiple touch points for collaborative projects
  • Customizable | Scalable up to over 300” for stunning interactive reception and lobby centerpieces
  • Frame Based Design
  • No Screen Obstructions | Perimeter based technology provides class leading optical clarity with no ITO layers or covers that may interfere with image and dim screen brightness
  • Cost Effective | Cost effective to implement across all sizes
  • Fast, Accurate, Repeatable | With <10 ms response times and <2 mm touch accuracy, every touch point is independently tracked to provide a reliable, true multi-touch interface.
  • Input Agnostic | Recognizes the shape, size and pressure of any object whether it’s bare fingers, gloves, or a stylus
  • Ambient Light Immunity | Provides an unparalleled degree of immunity to high ambient or changing light intensities; flawless operation even in direct sunlight.
  • Durable | Glass surface means there is nothing to wear out, even with repetitive use
  • 24/7 uptime with >200,000 MTBF Hours | Unprecedented reliability
  • IP Sealable | Frame based touch system allows the display to be sealed for IP65 rated applications and resistant to all chemicals.
  • Contamination Rejection | Isolate and reject unintentional touches from foreign contaminants

Industry Solution: Optika 

Optika Display Captivate Series

The benefits of collaboration are well documented – harnessing broader perspectives in brainstorming, opportunities for equal participation, efficient decision-making, and communication. Optika Display was looking for ways to push the envelope further by expanding the canvas to create ultra-large pixel spaces where several users can access assorted content simultaneously.
These large touch wall solutions are ideally suited for many applications including product design, ideation and brainstorming and command and control. Basically, in any setting that requires a need to consume and visualize complex data, documents, images and videos in real-time.

Read the complete case study here.

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